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Yunus Emre Guven o studiach na kierunku farmacja w Bydgoszczy

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Yunus Emre Guven student na kierunku farmacja z wymiany studenckiej w ramach programu Erasmus + fot. archiwum CM UMK

Yunus Emre Guven o studiach na kierunku farmacja w Bydgoszczy

W najnowszym numerze Wiadomości Akademickich Yunus Emre Guven student IV roku farmacji z Acibadem University w Stambule dzieli się swoimy refleksjami i wspomnieniami z 4 miesięcznego pobytu i studiów na kierunku farmacja na Naszym Wydziale w ramach programu Erasmus +. 

My Erasmus experience at Faculty of Pharmacy of Nicolaus Copernicus University is one of the things in my life that I say “I wish it didn’t end!” It is hard to fit into few sentences, but I will try my best to describe the great experience I have had here! My name is Yunus, I am from Turkey. I am 4th year Pharmacy student at Acıbadem University in Istanbul.
Before my mobility at NCU, everybody was saying “are you really sure to go Erasmus amid pandemic?” Unflinchingly, I was dedicated to do it and fortunately I found myself here!
I would like to express my experience in different aspects one by one starting from the most delighting ones. Throughout 4 months of stay in Bydgoszcz, I literally always felt like I am at home, mostly thanks to supervision and Polish hospitality. After being welcomed warmly by my Erasmus supervisor Dr hab. Artur Słomka, I was always able to find extensive support from him both academically and socially, especially for possible health issues amid pandemic.
Enriching lives, opening minds is the motto of Erasmus, which realizes this by providing multicultural environments. I am glad to find many other Erasmus students around me from different nationalities. Organizing cultural events, making trips, having fun i.e. spending time in any kind with Erasmus and Polish friends made me feel and enjoy the richness of differences and commonalities of humanity.

Circumstances of pandemic challenge life in a lot of ways also in education. However, well-implemented hybrid education of NCU ensured qualified education to me. I had 6 different subjects, which are Pharmacoeconomics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Research Methodology and Medicinal Chemistry.  All of my classes were held in a didactic and interesting way. In some of my subjects, I attended laboratory classes and performed experiments with proper devices and materials. My other subjects were conducted virtually. Thanks to strong communication with all of my teachers, they were very interactive and I gained extensive learning outcomes. I am happy for having good acquirements in terms of my studies.

Bydgoszcz is peaceful, in touch with nature and comparatively quiet city. Especially for the people coming from big and chaotic cities like me, Bydgoszcz offers serenity. At the same time, thanks to high Erasmus potential of universities here, it is very likely to find opportunities for young life. Also, its proximity to cities like Gdansk, Warsaw, Poznan makes it advantageous for touristic aspect.

All in all, my mobility at NCU has full of unforgettable memories, lasting friendships, good vibes. I believe I lived Erasmus to the fullest, thus I am jubilant and satisfied for the experience I had here! I would like to express my the most sincere gratitude to my supervisor Artur Słomka, all my teachers and friends.

Yunus Emre Guven 

Acıbadem Üniversitesi  (Stambuł, Turcja)



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