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From TIRANA to BYDGOSZCZ: an Erasmus+ internship at the Faculty of Pharmacy

Assessment of bone marrow smears in the Department of Pathophysiology
Assessment of bone marrow smears in the Department of Pathophysiology

A great medical laboratory technician is a hardworking scientist with a remarkable ability to combine lecture with practice. Being a professional requires passion, worthy and distinct experience that can border the medical background and appreciably more.  Fortunately, Bydgoszcz was kind enough to offer me all those things in a two-month journey as a bloomy pathway to a more fantastic future.


I was born and lived my whole life in Albania, the land of eagles, but I could not help feeling the anxiety and excitement at the beginning of this experience.

The fear of the unknown was faded away by the tranquility of the Brda river, the beauty of the flowers, and trees, the old unique architecture, and of course, the hostility of the Polish people.

I was even more amazed by the professional doctors and scientists who introduced me to their ‘second houses’ (laboratories). I am grateful that the Faculty of Pharmacy of Nicolaus Copernicus University introduced me to the possibility of performing further laboratory analysis in different departments such as Microbiology, Clinical Biochemistry, Pathobiochemistry and Clinical Chemistry, and Pathophysiology, using high-level techniques and modern apparatus under the doctors' supervision who except being patient in explaining to me every critical part of the procedure, analysis, and the interpretation of the results. They did not forget to transfer their passion which makes me more eager to learn and someday to be able to reach their knowledge and professionalism.

I am grateful that this experience allows me to expand my knowledge, know a new culture, a peaceful city, delicious pierogi, and a new part of myself as an independent and confident woman.

Dziękuję Uniwersytetowi Mikołaja Kopernika!

IRIS PLAKU, Medical laboratory technician III
Aldent University, Tirana, Albania


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